Sara Zeff Geber, PhD

Author, Essential Retirement Planning for Solo Agers, Contributor

Sara Geber

Sara Geber coined the term “Solo Ager.” She is the foremost thought leader in solo aging and is passionate about creating change in senior housing. More than anything, Sara wants to drag baby boomers out of their denial of aging and point them toward positive planning.

Passions and Expertise:

  • With her book, Essential Retirement Planning for Solo Agers, Sara became the thought leader in healthy solo aging and the importance of building community.
  • Sara mixes solid research with personal experience in her crusade for healthy Solo Aging.
  • Dr. Geber makes “community” the foundation of everything we should aspire to in later life.
  • Sara reminds us that ‘aging-in-place,’ if it means living alone in a two-story family home with no access to transportation or neighbors you can call at 2:00am, is a recipe for disaster.
Sara Geber