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Unpacking the Future of Senior Living with Bob Kramer

Unpacking the Future of Senior Living – Positive Aging Community Interviews Bob Kramer

Founder and Nexus Fellow, Bob Kramer joined Steve Gurney on the Positive Aging Community podcast to discuss the future of aging and aging services in America.

Kramer kicked off the conversation stating that at this moment we are in a very key transitional shift as we move from the ‘Greatest Generation’ to a new customer, the ‘Boomer’. The Boomer population is looking for something different.

“I could spend our whole hour, Steve, just unpacking [this]…The sort of what I’ll call, frankly at times, condescending, patronizing and, and also ageist view that older adults lack independent agency and lack the ability to continue to make a difference in the broader community. I don’t buy any of that. Increasingly, older adults are not willing to settle for whatever society provides for them as they live longer than anyone anticipated. What they want is purposeful longevity.”

“Older adults want not just to add years to their life, they want to add life to their years.” – Bob Kramer

“In the past, senior living and aging services has been about what we do for and to older adults. In the future, it will be about what is done by and with older adults. And that is a huge shift.”

Kramer also noted that the seniors housing and care industry has gone through three shockwaves. The first was COVID, where staff scrambled to keep residents alive. The second crisis is the staffing shortages. The third challenge is the financial crisis, “not just the capital markets, but inflation, interest rates rising and now real capital market turmoil where investors are very much on the sidelines and concerned about preserving their capital.”

But Kramer isn’t ready to throw up his hands in despair.

“One of the things that I look for in each of those is, what’s the silver lining that enables us to emerge stronger and with a better product, with better services, and doing better with and for older adults?”

You can listen to the full discussion at Positive Aging Community’s website.


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Foundations of Senior Living featuring Bob Kramer

WSU Leaders LIVE in 45! with Bob Kramer

Nexus Founder and Fellow Bob Kramer will be presenting on the Foundations of Senior Living at the Leaders LIVE! in 45 at the Granger Cobb Institute for Senior Living May 9 at 10am PT.

The lecture is open to everyone on Zoom right here.

Senior Living Foresight Tech Tuesdays

What Will Shape Senior Living in the Years To Come? Discussion with Bob Kramer on Senior Living Foresight

Bob Kramer, founder of aging services think tank Nexus Insights; co-founder, former president and CEO, and current senior adviser to the National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care, weighs in on “Six Key Drivers” that will shape the senior living industry over the next 5-10 years.

Watch it here

ProAging Podcast

The Future of Senior Living: Discussion with Bob Kramer

Listen to Nexus Insights founder Bob Kramer discuss The Future of Senior Living with Steve Gurney on the ProAging Podcast.

Listen to this episode here

NIC spring conference 2023 - Partnering for the Future

Nexus Insights Convene for the NIC Spring Conference

Nexus Insights will be joining senior housing and aging service leaders in San Diego on March 1st for the National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care (NIC) Spring Conference. Conference sessions will discuss new opportunities that provide better outcomes of care for older adults through more effective integration of healthcare services and senior housing. Anyone in healthcare or senior housing looking to connect, develop long-range strategic partnerships, and innovate new models of care and housing on behalf of older adults should plan to attend.

“Integrating healthcare services with housing is mission critical for a new generation of senior living,” said Anne Tumlinson, founder and CEO of ATI Advisory, and a Nexus Fellow. “It means better care and quality of life for residents, and rewards operators and investors for addressing healthcare spending.”

Several Nexus Fellows are attending the conference including Bob Kramer, Anne Tumlinson, and Sarah Thomas. Nexus friend and alumna, Kelsey Mellard of Sitka, is speaking on one panel and interviewing Dr. Sachin Jain at the Friday morning keynote session.

Want to attend? Visit springconference.nic.org for more information. Already going and want to meet? Ping us or reach out directly to our Fellows.

Nexus Picks

Sessions you won’t want to miss at the 2023 NIC Spring Conference:

Emerging Value Based Care Opportunities for Seniors Housing & LTC Operators
Wednesday, March 1, 2023 | 4:30pm
Anne Tumlinson, Founder & CEO, ATI Advisory
Grant Severson, Vice President, Optum Senior Community Care
James Lydiard, Chief Strategy Officer, HarmonyCares
Brian Cloch, CEO, Cloch Management
Chris Dawe, Acting President, Curana Health Medical Group
Laurie Schultz, Principal & Co-Founder, Avenue

Taking Your Show on The Road: Bridging Care Gaps by Extending Services Into the Community
Thursday, March 2, 2023 | 1:00pm
Kelsey Mellard, CEO, Sitka
Michael Kurliand, Clinical Quality and Integration, MedWand
Peter Longo, Principal & Managing Partner, Cantex

The Trends and Opportunities in Medicare all Types of Operators Should Be Tracking
Friday, March 2, 2023 | 8:30am
Kurt Read, Partner, RSF Partners
Kelsey Mellard, CEO, Sitka
Dr. Sachin H. Jain, MD, MBA, FACP, President & CEO, SCAN Group and Health Plan




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LeadingAge Wisconsin spring conference 2023

2023 LeadingAge Wisconsin Spring Conference

More information on this event will be available soon.

Milken Institute Global Conference 2023

‘Advancing a Thriving World’ at the 26th Annual Milken Institute Global Conference

The 26th annual Milken Institute Global Conference brings together thought and industry leaders from across the spectrum. This year’s theme of ‘Advancing a Thriving World’ will tackle the most pressing challenges and capitalize on the most exciting opportunities of our time. From gene therapies to renewable energy, AI to infrastructure, and DEI to FinTech, attendees will gain valuable insights and make crucial connections to drive progress and prosperity.

Program and speakers will be announced April 2023.

Bob Kramer Receives Career Achievement Award at McKnight’s Pinnacle Awards Ceremony

Nexus founder and fellow, Bob Kramer, has been selected to receive the Career Achievement Award at McKnight’s first Pinnacle Awards.

DATE: Tuesday, March 7, 2023
TIME: 6:00 – 10:00 PM CST
6:00-7:00 pm Welcome Cocktail Reception
7:00-9:00 pm Seated Dinner + Awards Ceremony
9:00-10:00 pm After-Party
VENUE: The Ivy Room, 12 E Ohio St # 100, Chicago, IL 60611

To register for the awards ceremony visit, mcknightspinnacleawards.com

Critical Resource for Older adults

Caregiving Navigation Hubs: A Critical Resource for Older Adults and their Families

Coordinating caregiving for aging loved ones is a complicated and frustrating task for families. And the problem is growing.

According to a recent article in Next Avenue, “It generally starts with a crisis: Your parent shows signs of dementia…or is about to be discharged from a serious hospital stay…or requires help with daily activities of living. What do you do? Where do you turn? It’s the little-discussed part of long-term care that leaves many of the nation’s 22 million family caregivers for older loved ones bereft and befuddled.”

“We’re failing tens of thousands of older adults and their families,” said Bob Kramer, Founder and Fellow of Nexus Insights.

Nexus Insights is a think tank advancing the well-being of older adults through innovative models of housing, community and healthcare.

In early 2022, Nexus Insights brought together long-term care providers, caregiver advocates, tech-driven startups and policy experts in its first ‘Nexus Voices’ salon to discuss how to help older adults and their caregivers better navigate the complex and fragmented array of long-term care and aging services. The result was a report released in September 2022, “Where Am I, Where Do I Go: The Missing Entry Point to Long-Term Care Solutions for Older Adults and Their Caregivers.

This report was the subject of the Next Avenue article, written by Richard Eisenberg.

Eisenberg spoke to several of the report’s authors, including Anne Tumlinson, CEO of ATI Advisory and a Nexus Fellow. “The primary challenge that most of my peers and friends and family were experiencing was entering into that phase of their lives when they were suddenly thrust into family caregiving roles and feeling like there’s no place to go,” Tumlinson said. “In the best-case scenario they’re getting a hospital discharge planner handing them a long list of organizations who are like, ‘Good luck. Here you go.'”

Caroline Pearson, another report author concurred. Pearson, formerly the Senior VP of Health Care Strategy at NORC at the University of Chicago, and now the Executive Director for The Peterson Center on Healthcare, and a Nexus Fellow. “Unfortunately, most people find themselves in these urgent scenarios that are sort of a call for help unexpectedly,” she said.

In fact, Nexus recently partnered with NORC to conduct a survey on this issue. The survey showed that 1 in 4 older adults needed long-term care services for themselves or a loved one in just the previous 12 months. It also echoed the report’s assertion that caregivers experience frustration and anxiety during the process.

The Nexus Voices report offers a powerful solution, according to the article, “A national, independent, trusted hub system of caregiving navigators who would be accessible to everyone and serve as a central doorway to long-term care services and supports.”

“For every single family to be creating a long-term care service delivery system is very inefficient from a societal standpoint and an economy standpoint,” said Tumlinson.

The solution would have to be national in scope. “There was broad-based agreement [among the salon participants] that creating the kind of awareness to make these hubs as visible as your local drugstore or post office was going to take a national effort, and a level of funding that was probably going to have to be federally driven,” said Kramer.

According to the article, a local example of such a hub was launched earlier this year in Ohio. The NaviGuide program, created by United Church Homes in Ohio, offers these types of services to its 166 clients. The program was inspired by a family crisis for its creator Terry Spitznagel, senior executive vice president and chief growth officer for United Church Homes. Spitnagel said, “I’ve been in senior services for three decades, but I just fell apart trying to help my father navigate the aging journey. I couldn’t manage it.”

The article sees the NaviGuide program as a positive step in the right direction. “If programs like United Church Homes’ NaviGuide are proven financially viable or federal or state governments earmark money for caregiving navigators, you may start seeing these experts pop up around the country.”

In fact, other recent reports echo the Nexus recommendations.

“There are real opportunities to move forward on this,” said Kramer. “But it’s going to take keeping the issue in the limelight and building momentum and seizing opportunities.”

And, the article suggests, “It may also require more people finding themselves thrust into becoming family caregivers or needing to coordinate care.”

Said Tumlinson: “You have to go through it and then be stunned. Then you say, ‘Why is this not being fixed? How is this possible?'”

Read the article at Next Avenue.

Read the Nexus Report
Read the Nexus Survey

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Partnering for the Future - NIC Spring Conference 2023

2023 NIC Spring Conference

Senior housing and care leaders are convening in San Diego to discuss new opportunities that provide better outcomes of care for older adults through more effective integration of healthcare services and senior housing. The NIC Spring Conference is designed for anyone in healthcare or senior housing looking to connect, develop long-range strategic partnerships, and innovate new models of care and housing on behalf of older adults.

Nexus Fellows in attendance include Bob Kramer, Anne Tumlinson, and Sarah Thomas.

Anne Tumlinson will be presenting:

Pathways to Value-Based Healthcare Partnerships

Expert highlights senior housing-healthcare collaborations 

Healthcare is rapidly moving from brick-and-mortar facilities into the home. The
pandemic accelerated this trend, demonstrating that hospital-level care can be
delivered safely and conveniently where people live.

Momentum is growing for innovative partnerships between healthcare providers
and senior living properties—with potential for better clinical outcomes and reduced
healthcare costs.

Learn why integrating senior housing and healthcare matters to operators and
investors and learn about pathways to partnerships.

To register visit, NIC.

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