Milken Future of Health Summit

Future of Health Summit: Reimagining Senior Housing and Integrated Care

As the baby boom generation ages, expanding affordable housing and integrated long-term care options for our nation’s diverse older adult population has become increasingly urgent.

According to a National Investment Center for Seniors Housing and Care-funded study conducted by NORC at the University of Chicago, more than half of middle-income Americans aged 75 or older will not have the financial resources to access housing and care by 2029. Meeting the needs of this “Forgotten Middle”—an income group too wealthy to qualify for means-tested programs yet unable to afford private-pay senior living options—will require coordination from public and private sector stakeholders.

Recognizing the challenges of promoting and incentivizing innovation across sectors, this session hosted by the Milken Institute features industry leaders, providers, and policy experts discussing scalable housing and care solutions for this growing segment of the population.


  • Caitlin MacLean, Senior Director, Innovative Finance, Milken Institute


  • Lynne Katzmann, President and CEO, Juniper Communities
  • Bob Kramer, Co-Founder and Strategic Advisor, National Investment Center; Founder and Fellow, Nexus Insights
  • Nirav Shah, Senior Scholar, Stanford University
  • Elizabeth White, Founder, NUUage Coliving

Watch the recording:


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