Cohousing for Seniors

Cohousing for Seniors – An Instructional Model for the Senior Living Industry?

Cohousing for seniors. It’s an intriguing alternative to aging-in-place, especially for those willing to make a housing change before they are forced to and who want a setting that reinforces the values and activities that are important (or meaningful) to them. Cohousing could also be a key model for the senior living industry as it seeks to attract the boomer generation.

“Professionals in the senior living industry are dragging their feet about making the changes necessary to attract boomers.” While they are remodeling old units with new kitchens, adding fresh paint, hiring top chefs, and even involving residents in policy decisions, “it doesn’t address the devotion many boomers have to their work, their communities, their causes and projects, and their families – the exact kind of interests of people in cohousing,” said Nexus Fellow Sara Zeff Geber in her recent post in Forbes.

Most people don’t know about cohousing communities, but there are over 200 of them in the US right now with more in the works. They are intentional communities built around a set of shared values. They are also places where people can live independently and can request services as they need them. This could be a better alternative to staying at home for too long and realizing too late that some changes should have been made years ago.

Read the full story at Forbes.


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