Administration for Community Living

ACL’s ‘Aging in the U.S.’ Framework Cites Nexus Insights Report

The Administration for Community Living’s release of its new report on aging at the end of May was welcome news.

The agency, which is part of the Department of Health and Human Services, has created a framework that aims to build a more person-centered and accessible system of care for older adults, potentially allowing them to more easily connect with long-term supports and services.

It’s especially gratifying that the framework (Aging in the United States: A Strategic Framework for a National Plan on Aging) recognizes the report Nexus Insights published in 2022, which called for navigational hubs to help families negotiate our nation’s maze of long-term care and aging services.

Nexus Insights fellows Caroline Pearson, Anne Tumlinson, David Grabowski, Ryan Frederick, Dr. Bill Thomas and Sarah Thomas participated in the development of the report, from the initial “Nexus Voices” salon with long-term care providers, caregiver advocates, tech-driven startups and policy experts, to the writing and editing of the report.

They documented a key problem then, as the ACL does now: Every day, older adults and their families are facing tough questions about long-term care — often without the necessary resources to make informed choices. The ACL framework is another positive step toward addressing this problem.